••• Friday, July 15, 2005

Am I Having Fun Yet? 

The cadence of a true vacation,
Beats only to the rhythm of the soul.

(And really bad poetry)

So far, it’s been hot and sunny every day, despite the weatherman’s contra-predictions. Tomorrow my extended family is coming up for a sleepover picnic. It will be their first visit to our little heaven on the lake, and I’m very excited to share the wealth.

And no, I’m not stressing. The beauty of these surroundings speaks for its splendorous self. Otherwise, there's cable TV.

The day we left for Northern Parts, I spent most of the morning not packing. Instead, I obsessively perused shawl patterns, both those in my physical possession, and on line, to use with that decadent yarn I received from That Sweetie, Kim.

And I found one, in the knick of time, in my personal stash. It's The Ocean Lace Shawl, a pattern I purchased a couple of years ago, from Just One More Row.

It's a pleasantly easy pattern. And, I think, a perfect match for both the yarn....

....and the lovely environs.

Here's a closeup of the pattern:

So...Am I having fun yet?

I'll let the digital imagery speak for itself:

::FYI: I'll be blogga non grata over the next few days.::

::At least::

::Digit..Digital...didja get it?::

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