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When I the saw blood in the sink, I just assumed that I was brushing too hard. But then, my dentist told me that bleeding is a sure sign of someone having gnawed off her own arm, in order to escape another day, of a long holiday weekend with extended family. - TV Commercial
I have seen this commercial several times, but last night was the first time I really paid attention to what they were saying. I felt like they were speaking directly to me.

Okay. The weekend at the cottage with in-laws has not been that, but bad enough. I wish I could say more, but I can't.

That being said, here are a couple weekend at the cottage with the fam related truths:
1) I have seen every Lawn Order SUV ever made, at least 16 times. No, wait, counting the back-to-backs last night...make that 18.
2) I absolutely need TV remote control before 10:20 p.m., at which time, it's too late to catch vital details on a current CSI or L&O, yet too early for me to be in a drunken enough stupor to notice, or care.
3) Waking up to the great inquisition on the whereabouts of 15 tiny, peanut butter cups, takes all the fun out of taking a fork to the Moose Tracks ,after midnight.
4) It's not that difficult to remove telling, fork trail evidece, from a carton of ice cream.
5) It's nearly impossible to make tiny, peanut butter replacement cups, out of stale peanut butter cereal and baker's chocolate. At 2 a.m.
6) I swear, it wasn't me, but I see no harm in a) Keeping a collection of toe nail clippings in a baby food jar of distilled water, and b) microwaving them to see what will happen. I mean, sometimes a girl person forgets to take some shit out of the microwave.
And stuff.

Then Momma Got Drunk...
...and Left Her Knittin'in the Rain.

I've been making some gains on the Peaches back redux. I'm very glad that I frogged it, and can now appreciate how bad my armhole shaping was, on the previous try.

That being said, I must confess to leaving my paper bag of Peaches next to the firepit, last night. All night. Then, at six a.m. this morning, the long-promised, torrential thunderstorms, came rolling in.

Good thing it was only some cotton. And not some human, or some canine, or some husband, who was left out in the rain. And I wasn't really drunk. Just stupid. The drunk part makes for better television.

I have lots of pictures from the weekend, with which I plan to bore you all to tears, over the next few days.

Land O Linkin'
Have you seen this site? Too funny.

This here is a non-knitting, good read. I came upon one of her archived posts (at least 2 years old) via a recent google. It was fun to read her old stuff, then jump to the current posts, to see how things turned out. She seems to me, to be a remarkable young woman. With an exceptional way with words.

And...feeling a little crotchety? Try here.

On a nearly related note, I'll close with this shot of a toe-tal eclipse of the sun.

Editor's Note: The previous version of this post was published under the influence of a whole bunch of people taking turns looking over my shoulder while I typed, and trying to engage me in verbal banalities. These influences affected the context and sensibility of the post, beyond, I fear, any possible redemption. I apologize for any resulting confusion.

I also fixed the pictures so they fit into the template. Damn that Blogger.


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