••• Tuesday, August 16, 2005

An Eyesore My Sty 

Once upon a time there was this pig. She was a cute little pig, in that snorty, slob-esque, curly-ass-piggy kind of way.

One day, the cute little pig decided that even a sow has her shit-living limitations.

So she pulled aside her boar, looked into his beady little eyes and squealed "Do me."

A favor.

Take me shopping for a new sty.

And she wound up with this palace. A pig palace.

Ain't we purty? Ummhmmm.

Well, purty comes at a cost. These simple pictures belie not only the physical work required in this makeover, but also the mental anguish.

It was just so hard to decide how to use the space. And I still haven't quite decided on all of it, but I'm making headway. In a pigheaded kind of way. And it doesn't help that, on account of it being college season and all ::gulp. Denial. Denial.:: that the local home supply stores are all out of shelf and drawer organizers.

Here's what I got so far:

This isn't going to be yarn storage, per say. I have too much, for one thing. And I'm not of the sort who can ponder the pomposity of her yarn stash, on a daily basis. This is on account of my liking to breathe. And stuff.

And if I saw all my yarn, displayed all in one place, on a regular basis, I'd be dead in a week. Which is exactly why my yarn is stored on three separate floors of my home, in private bins.

But I digress.

In one drawer are my circular needles, and a basket of knitting tools, which were once stored in a knitting bag. In the other drawer are baskets containing works in progress, again, previously stored in another knitting bag.

That bottom shelf thingy will store current project yarns. And I'm thinking that top book shelf will be a showcase for new yarn purchases, before I put them in a bin. You know how that goes. Ya gotta coppa couple feels before sending it off to Knever-Knit Her Land.

Speaking of Knever-Knit-Her Land, while reorganizing my shit, I came across some infinished business, soon headed for Frog World:

On the left is the Smocking On the Move, from a past Interweave Knits. I still love this pattern, but my boobs have outgrown the size I knit. If it weren't a travelling cable pattern, I probably could pull it off (or at least on), but when I hold it up to test the fit, the cable pulls noticably. The yarn is a Harris blend, and will find some great new use in the future.

On the left is JStrizzy's own Dreamy Creamy design, in Rowan Calmer. I loved the pattern, but effed up the sleeves. I had planned on just cutting the sleeves out and making it into a tank thing, but again, the shifting of the boobage over the past year, brought the eyelet holes for the ribbon, just about nip level. ::yeah, boobs and pee, boobs and pee....It's who I be. No apologee::

Further rummage revealed this lost friend, the lacy tunic from Knitting the New Classics by Kristen Nichols. I really, really loved knitting this piece, but I fear it just isn't going to work out.

I found a significant error in the shaping of one armhole, which is probably why it went to the bad boy bin in the first place. It's been sitting there for two years now, and I fear it's just accumulated too much bad knarma. But damn, if I just didn't love knitting this pattern.

What's that? You don't believe that I really, really loved knitting this pattern? Well, lookie lou at what I found in an old Target bag, at the bottom of a yarn bin this week:

Yep. Same damn sweater. This one was knit a long, long time ago, when the pattern was in a Vogue Knitting. Kind of like going on a date and realizing that, 10 years prior, you threw up in the guys back seat after too many tequila shooters. As in: I had absolutely no recollection of doing either. Both All pieces are now in the trash.

Yeah. Love hurts.

::Is it just me, or do those shots of sweaters on death row, kind of bring to mind mug shots?::

Shawl-ly Goodness

Okay, I promised some knitting knews, and here it be. The Ocean Lace Wrap is a wrap. The ends are woven and it now awaits a square-off on the floor, with some pins and a spray bottle. It was a fun knit, and very easy. Too easy, toward the end. And it was the sensory delight of the yarn that kept this project afloat.

Pattern: Ocean Lace Stole, from Just One More Row
Yarn: Silk/Wool blend from Spirit Trails.

My husband just came home and announced that we're going to the cottage. Tonight.

I said FTS. We go tomorrow. 'Cause I need to line up some car knitting and map out the pee stops. ::Boobs and pee, pee and boobs...Get over it.::

Clever Closings
The other day The Cakers and I were talking about our broken jogger and how it needs to be fixed. After some thinking on the matter, she said "Only daddy can fix it. Right? Or Cameron. Because he's a dolt, just like daddy."


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