••• Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sweet Retreat 

To celebrate the anniversary, my husband and I went to the cottage, for a romantic, overnight getaway.

Now, at the risk of sounding like a cold, jaded, shriveled up ol’ bitty, and, while I love my hunky guy to all get-out, the romantic piece of the excursion was not necessarily the meat on my weekend platter.

I know, I know.

But truth be, what I really looked forward to on our little escape, was doing stuff we can’t usually do, with The Cakers around. And further truth be, it is possible to find romance, after hours, with a sleeping toddler in the house.

But if your main freaky hankerin’includes asking your husband to tie you up, outdoors, in broad daylight, well, you're going to need some special, lone, circumstances. And baby, my strappin’ lone ranger, he delivered the goods.

Immediately upon arrival at the lake, and well before we unpacked (well, we never really did unpack, exactly.), I was half naked, with rope in tow, begging my husband to do the deed.

Okay. The other half of my naked was covered with a bathing suit.

Okay. At the end of the rope was huge turtle floaty thing.

Okay. My husband tied me and my turtle island to the end of the dock.

And before you could say “lasso-a-ho’" (i.e. within minutes,seconds even) the gentle motion of the lake, under the turtle, brought me to that strange place of consciousness, where one is aware of one’s surroundings, whilst drooling the spittle of the besotted.

In fact, the successful implementation of this very event was my only real wish, for the weekend. And I was not disappointed.

Other points of weekend interest:

-A late afternoon boat date.

-A scrumptious, Wharfside dinner in Frankfort. ::Shitake-dusted sea scallops in a mango chutney butter and asparagus the size of blades of grass and crème brulee cheese-cake::.

-A late evening boat ride to the sand bar (it’s a lake thing, no bartenders), where we got a little slurpy and a lot giggly. On our dusky ride back to the cottage, my Captain treated me to donuts on the high sea. My jaws were aching from the perpetual grin. ::Gawd, how I loves me a bad boy!::

-A campfire.

-Star gazing from the end of the dock. ::The night was clear and the stars were thick as a woolen blanket::.

-With my sweetie at my side, from the end of the dock, catching the biggest and most colorful shooting star either of us has ever seen. Ever. It was like a love wink from the Big Guy.

I guess it was a pretty romantic escape, after all. And the best part? We didn't even have to try. And, just like a periwinkle shooting twinkle, I figure that’s a pretty good sign.

I wasn't able to get any good sunset shots, what with the spinning of the boat in the middle of the lake, and all. But I did capitalize in this op, as we pulled up to the dock. ::speed boatin' gives us both the hair of TV evangelistas.::

Knitting Knuggets
I'm almost done with the wrap, so I'll save pictures for the final product.

I have been snooping around the blogosphere, looking for future, knitworthy inspiration. And I must say, the blogosphere has delivered.

First on my eyeball list is the Cafe Cardi, from the summer Cast-On. In fact, the ever-bustling Bron is whipping one out, as we speak.

Second on the list is this incredibly edible number, from Girl From Auntie. I have been the consummate, drooling admirer of the Rogue, since its birth, but never had much interest in knitting a hoodie,for some reason.

But this Eris cardigan, is perfect.

Now, all I have to do is save my pennies so I can buy enough ink to enable me to print the 40 pages of pdf instruction, currently resting in (on?) my hard drive.

And then pray that someone, somewhere, is translating the chart instructions to text. And further pray that this someone, somewhere, will be willing to share the chart translation.

::Is that legal? I mean I bought the pattern. I just hate the charts. And really, this complaint is absolutely no reflection on the designer, I'm just a rut-row-by-row-text-instruction-kind-of gal. What can I say?::.

That's it for today. With the invitations for my return to work showing up in the mail, on a daily basis, I think I'll go cry, a minute.

In the meantime, here's another shot of my handsome frog prince, from the weekend. This was taken at the sand bar. Yes, that's really the color of the water. And yes, those are his real shoulders.

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