••• Monday, September 19, 2005

And Now for Something Completely Different 


One sleeve of Peaches is nearly complete. Sweet, huh? Yea, but it's also the pits. I had hoped to have the whole sweater done, by now. For reasons still fuzzy to me, I haven't had time, lately, for anything fun, like recreational drinking, sex, nipple waxing knitting.

I did, however, get my lazy, socially-reclusive ass downtown, last Monday, to a new Stitch-n-Bitch group. Aside from the hostess, I was the only show. I definitely will go again. The hostess is really sweet and very motivated to get this pig to fly.

Nice as it was, I do hope that more than two people show up next time. When we were sitting there, last week, I was afraid someone was going to ask "So, which one of you is the 'Stitch?'"

Next on my dream list? I'm not sure. There are a few pieces in the new Knitty that I'm loving. From a boobage-practicality standpoint, my main crush, Arisaig, is out of the question. Lest it be called Airy, Sag.

2nd choice, Leaves in Relief, has fallen from the list, for the same reason. I mean, there's relief and then there's Relief. Not that I'm not proud as heck of my personal foliage, but I'm not quite ready to branch out. In that direction. But, dammit, give me the same sweater in a weeping willow motif, and I'm on it. Sadly.

My third favorite is Josephine, for which I have neither the yarn in my stash, or the motivation in my heart.

And Astrodome really sparkled my fancy. But that colorwork, I hear it tarsia.

A little more visible on my reality radar is Wendy's (Knit and Tonic) Not-S0-Shrunken Cardigan, a pattern I have already purchased. I'm thinking maybe Cascade Indulgence, for this one? I even have some. Yes. I do. Lime Green.

But first I gotta finish that little Pee-Yach Peaches. Right? Right?!? ::Hint: It might only take one or two words of discouragement, here::

What was that?

Well, maties (twas a brief nod to Type Like a Pirate Day), I just finished a 14 hour workday (Open House at my school), so I am whipped. And, my husband just showed up with a couple of cold ones. Stole 'em off a witch, he said. ::Requires ponder.::

There was to be another segment of knit-related information in this post (no, really.) (Gosh!) (There was!), but I'm feeling the need to wrap'er up. And if I don't post this now, it will sit for another two days (I can't post from work anymore. bastards.). At least.

I just need a few minutes more, to think up a clever closing.

In the meantime...hmmm.......Go shit in your hat.

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