••• Monday, September 12, 2005

One Hand Flappin' 

I've been working on a blog post for days.
Yep. One post. Days.
Nope. This isn't it.

You know how you can put two, perfectly tidy balls of yarn in opposite ends of a bag, for the night? And then, in the morning, you reach into the bag for a tidy ball, only to find that, somehow, overnight, the balls have tangled?

Well, that's what keeps happening with The-Post-That-Won't-Be-Written. For four nights in a row, I've gone to bed believing that my post was neat and tidy and ready for publication.

Come morning, after a final review, I find that, much like the balls in the bag, my story somehow tangled itself, overnight.

And no, I haven't been drinking. Today.

The post will be written. Come hell or a competent federal official.

In the meantime, I'm goin' with a safe bet: A Cakers Tale.

Yesterday we went to Meijer (It's like Walmart, only not as Walmarty). As we're heading for the checkout, I realize I've lost the Cakers. After backtracking half an aisle or so, I see her standng next to a clothing bin, wearing pink earmuffs.

Can I get some Dora the Explorer Earmuffs? She yells, from about 20 feet away.

No. You already have a new toy in the shopping cart. I yell back.

Can I get some Dora the Explorer Earmuffs? Again.

Ana, it's 95 degrees outside. You don't need any earmuffs. You already picked out a toy. I said no. So let's go.

What did you say, Momma? I can't hear you.

Okay. You earned them.

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