••• Saturday, September 24, 2005

Peanut Butter Expectations 

A couple of weeks ago, our dog Cheddar was treated for a skin infection, with antibiotics. The dose was 2 capsules, 2x daily, with food.

Despite his predisposition for chomping on shit sticks, it seems that Cheddar has not yet acquired a taste for powdered ass, in capsule form. Enter: The peanut butter.

::As most dog owners know, peanut butter is the nose-schmear of champions, when it comes to getting any-size Fluffer to swallow a bitter pill.::

For 10 days in a row, after every meal, Cheddar had two pills shoved down his throat, followed with a dollop of peanut butter on his nose. Two days into the regiment, he had the whole routine figured out. Meaning, after every meal, he came to the kitchen with great expectations. Of the peanut butter variety. In fact, his love for the easy spread was so great, he pretty much forgot, meal to meal, about the other part. The pills.

Unfortunately, all great expectations must come to an end. And after the pills were gone, so was the twice daily nose dip.
But that first time he came to the kitchen, packing peanut butter expectations, I felt badly. Add to that, the confused, mournful stare, from his chocolate puddin' eyes, and paint me done wore down. And I gave him a little lick.

The next evening, against better judgment, I did it again. On the third night, however, I decided that this daily dance of deceit was done. I cut him off. Cold Turkey.

It took another three days for Cheddar to accept the reality that I would no longer be spreading it for him, in the kitchen. Yes, it was harsh and painful for both of us, but it had to be done.

Like Cheddar's brutal withdrawal of nose from nirvana, I’ve had a hard time giving up my peanut butter expectations, of the bygone days of summer.

That being said, it's probably been a good thing, to have had my nose to the grindstone, over the past three weeks.

With no reward.
And none expected.

Because that’s what made this weekend at the cottage, exceed my wildest expectation.

Pure Peanut Butter Surprise.

::That picture was taken early this afternoon. The Tootsies belong to me and my girl. Photography by Yours Truly.::

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