••• Sunday, October 30, 2005

Be Deviled 

When I was little, I used to hear adults talk about the Devil’s Night activities over in Detroit. In later years, the deviling of Motown took a sinister turn, but when I was young, I only heard about the innocent things, like kids throwing eggs, at unspecified targets.

Because Halloween was such a joyous and highly anticipated childhood pleasure, my brain could not accept this correlation with Satan. As is common practice in the child's mind, when I was confronted with an unacceptable thought or image, my brain simply twisted it into something more palatable. So, from the time I was about 6, until old enough to feel stupid about it, I believed that those juvenile delinquents in Detroit, made their mischief with deviled eggs.

And, mind you, this was not merely a fuzzy,distant childhood fantasy. I pictured this, as clearly as if I were there: Deviled eggs, arrayed on a tray (the kind with the little scoops), each with an olive garnish and light dusting of paprika, gingerly scooped up by urban greasers and thrown….at things.

Wouldn't it be great if we could hang on to that kind of magical thought?

My thoughts Eggzactly.

Carving Face
Here's a cool little site where you can carve your own, on-line Pumpkin, to send to friends as an email greeting. Be careful, it's kind of addicting.

Knittin' Knugget, Fer Real
My only knitting ops last week were Thursday and Saturday nights, and the forecast looks much the same for this week.

Here's my Branching Out scarf, at the half-way point. I'm going to put it on a holder and start the second half from the other end. I kind of like the tail on this, as it is, and would like both ends to be the same.

As I've said before, I really love the look of the pattern. I am not, however, thrilled with the knitting of it. Unlike the other lace patterns I've worked on, this one does not readily burn itself onto one's brain, for the purpose of being committed to memory. No, this here pattern definitely has committment issues. And if I have to tink and reknit rows 7 and 9 as many times on the second half, as I did on the first, my husband will be facing a distinctly different commitment issue, as in quickly finding which facility accepts my insurance and allows visitors. Or not.

Yikes. It's bedtime, already? I think Daylight savings got greedy and took a weekend.

Happy Weeners, everyone.

One thing vampire children need to be taught early on is not to run with wooden stakes.-Jack Handey

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