••• Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I Just Called.... 

To say,
I lab you.

Not that we need any more falling ass around here, but Stevie Wonders how long before that pathetic butt shot goes south.

Bella can only hide, in mortification. ::I think she thinks we can't see her.::

Hump Day Slump
This has been a hellish week. With no end in sight. Well, the week will end. Of course. But The Hellish, it will go on. I can't go into all that right now. I'm only posting at this time, so as to take my ass off the front page.

My nephew left this afternoon, with his new thinking cap in tow. Godspeed, sweetie.

Little Testies
Yesterday, I registered to take my licensing exam. ::gasp:: I'm shooting for the end of January, with the Testies-to-the-Wall studying, to commence immediately after Thanksgiving. Or Christmas.

Even though I haven't started hard-core studying, I have been perusing some of my test review materials. Following is a sample of the hell which lies before me. It's a word for word practice test question from my $300 study packet.
25. The primary symptoms of a patient's mental disorder are markedly diminished when she sleeps at night. Most likely, the patient has:
A. enuresis
B. major depression
C. Panic disorder
D. Tourette's disorder
Swear to Freud.
Needless to say, I got this one wrong.


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