••• Wednesday, November 23, 2005

No Achey Bakey 

My Thanksgiving Things are going much smoother than I anticpated. My son ended up catching a ride almost home, with his roommate, who lives 20 miles from our home. When I first suggested this course, (all via IM), I was accused of being "totally against" driving up to get him. ::Totally, is such a strong word. Randomly Against would have been more apt, but I wasn't in a trifling mood,and let it lie.:: The almost happy resolve of that issue was quite the easement on my mind.

Thank you Nathalie, for reminding me in comments that I wasn't to do the pie thing again. At this writing, 4 pies have been safely delegated to dinner and dessert guests and my lone apple beaut, just came out of the oven.

While the pie baked, the taters shaked. All that's left is the stuffing and turkey, and finding linen napkin #8. Oh. And finding the China. And washing it. And taking a trial run on a new wine.

Low Branches
I wanted to share a picture of my Branching Out being utilized. This shot was taken before I left for work yesterday. At the time, I thought I looked fresh and clean. I see now that my blush needed blending (my mom always walked around with makeup dollops on her face,when she was my age, drove me bonkers.), and I should have refrained from finishing off the can of Salt and Vinegar Pringles before bed.

I'm sorry about the angle, but it was the only way to get most of the length. As you can see, it's ree-ree long. And I like it like that.

I'm currently long on topics, but short on time. So I'll just get the pluck outta here. For those of you celebrating the holiday, or not, Eat,Love and Be Well.

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