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I've been busier than a one-legged junkie at a habit kicking contest. And there will be no end to this life-sucking extravaganza, until late Friday evening, when we arrive at the cottage for a relaxing, pre-holiday escape and vacation celebration (Two weeks. Thank You, Baby Jesus.)

The First Cut is the Cheapest
Okay, right now, I have about two brain cells to rub together, so I need to make this brief.

The correct answers to the contest are 1983 and/or 1984 and FingerHut. And yes, Ann, I remember towels, and that they were ree-ree small.

For the sewing patterns, I had a hard time selecting which ones to highlight for the contest. For a couple of years, back then, I was, how you say...Sew Busy?

Here are a couple more favs from that era:

I made at least two copies of the Gawdawful dress pattern, and five of the top. I haven't touched a sewing machine in years. Maybe a good thing?

Enough of this triflin'. I have not been able to determine the final winner of the contest, but I do know she will be selected from the following list: Bron, Juno, Anne, Natalia, Sejal, Ingrid, Carole,
Kelle, Kelly O., Sandy, La and Janine.

I apologize for the delay in pronouncement, but I've been busy, and there have been unforeseen complications ::Is there such thing as a foreseen complication?::

On the topic of complications,Lisa, it wasn't a problem getting the names into the cat. However, the name stuffing process seemed to be a bit much for the ol' girl, and she done run off, before I could make my draw.

As soon as Bella returns home with the slips, the final winner will be determined. In the event of a foreseen uncircumstance, I'll figure something out. It's what I do. It's a gift.

The winner will be announced no later than Saturday night. Promise.

Have I mentioned that I'm having the The Week from Satan's Ass?

New Knibs on the Blog
Queer Joe is hosting a Knit Blog Award-a-thon. Looks kind of fun. Check it out here

Knew Knits on The Blog
I've been desperately seeking closure on my holiday gift knitting. Here is a shot of my current project.

It's a scarf, knit in the vertical gartercal, using what's almost left of the Mission Falls cache. I stole the pattern idea from Kerstin. The difference in my scarf is that the yarns are from the same source. (where the hell did she go?)

I really need to get to bed. So I hereby declare this a Clever Closing Free Zone. G'nite Gracie.

P.S. I'm hitting the publish button without consideration. i.e., I'm not proofing. Or Poofing. Or Proffing.....adiew

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