••• Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Puttin' the Wrist Back in Chwristmas. 

I am a busy girl, with much to say and little time to say it.

The Weekend:
- Sublime.
- All girls.
- Food, great.
- Company, better.
- Inebriants, intoxicating.
- I "came out" to the group, as a blogger. ::Hi Char, Patty, Paulette, Danette, Marion, Lorrie! Although I'm pretty sure nuny'all are out there, on account of your having, umm, real lives.::

The Driving:
-My husband has a new vehicle.
-My husband’s new vehicle is huge and hateful.
-I lurve it.
-My husband’s new vehicle has retractable running boards that automatically ease out when a door opens, and retract when the door closes. I feels like such a personal, helpful gesture, I can’t help but say “thank you.”
-My husband’s new vehicle has a seat warming and cooling feature. The warming feature makes me feel like I peed my pants. I have a hard time imagining having an ass so hot that it requires a chilled seat. Although, there was a time…..

The Knitting:
I finished the second cabled wristwarmer while away on my girlie weekend. Here I am, testing them out on some single malt, over the wrocks.

For the wrecord, my wrists wremained warm throughout the exercise.

This other one is a striped version of Bonne Marie’s Voo-Doo wristwarmers from Knitty.

In creating the stripe pattern, I had to reknit the same section about three times over. On the final redo, Bella laid down on my yarn in such a way, so as to allow the strand to run across her butt hole, as I knit it up. All those things have convinced me that this piece has bad knarma, so it will not receive a mate. Last thing I need is a pair of haunted wristwarmers that smell of cat's ass.

I'm stupid tired. I go to bed.

The crows seemed to be calling his name, thought Caw.-Jack Handey

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