••• Saturday, March 18, 2006

Last Minute Knitted Fits 

Crotchless Friday
Remember how I was wondering which time zones the test knitters for the baby denim pants were flying between when they created them in 4-6 hours? Well, I finally figured out that the 4-6 hours is how long it takes the emergency suicide crew to talk a person who is trying to knit this pattern, down off the roof.

In other words, the joining of these two legs in happy pantimony was not an easy task. It probably didn't help that I didn't understand the instructions:
Join Legs
With 16" circular needles, knit across *so many* stitches of leg on needles, cast on 5 stitches using the cable cast-on method, transfer stitches of the second leg to a 12" circular needle and knit *so many* stitches of second leg, cast on 5 sts using cable cast-on, knit remaining *so many* stitches of first leg, all on 16" circular needles.
First of all, that is one long-ass sentence. Second of all, that is one really,really long-ass sentence, which didn't make much sense to me.

The biggest problem I had is that the first set of cable cast-on leaves the added stitches at the beginning of the next row. But the rest of the instructions imply that they are at the end of the last row. Actually the instructions imply much, including that the knitter has done this kind of thing before.

After following the instructions to the best of my ability, what they told me I should be knitting next, was not what I was looking at on the needles. The two sets of five added on stitches were side-by-side when they should have been across from one another. Right?

I looked online for awhile but didn't find any complaints or further explanations, so figured it must be me. And if I'm the problem, I'm the cure. So I dejoined and separated and did it my way, which was to look at the picture and guess.

I'm happy to say, I practically pulled it off:

Looks good, you say? It really doesn't. It's all raggedy at the join and there's this bar of yarn that stretches cross the hole. See?

I guess it's still hard to see. Let me add a visual aid:

Honestly, I could give a rat's bung hole that my crotch is a little tough and stringy. I figure what doesn't come out in the wash can be addressed with some well-placed poking at the hole with a sewing needle and thread.

I'll keep you posted.
You may now uncross your legs.

A Little Air of the Dog
Lest someone accuse me of being all about knitting, all the time ::snort:: here's some St. Paddy's Day glory, hung over from last night. For Sandy .

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