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Thanks for all the kudos on my test results. While I wanted (and planned) to answer some of those comments up close and personal, it appears that me and the life I put off living over the past 6 weeks, have suddenly become reacquainted. In spades. It didn't help that for about three days after the test, my brain felt like it was humping on a cheese grater.

Post Testicular Stress Disorder
So, I’m sure you’re all dying to know how’s Life Behind the Testie for the Newly Objectified.

:: And I promise, I will try to make this the last post on The Subject I can’t Seem to Shut Up About. In the meantime, please bear with, while I find other things with which to fill my time::

::In fairness to moi, it’s hard to ignore something that ate your head.::

PTSD Knitting: While in the throes of exam obsession, I had a very difficult time reading or even comprehending blog posts about knitting. At the time, it was nothing more than fuzzy on the brain. No doubt that was merely a defense mechanism, to prevent me from flinging myself into a vat of 9-inch aluminums. That being said, neither will I be spending any time further, trying to figure it out such matters. In fact, I’m way over learning some shit and look forward to my rapid devolvement to pre-test levels of functional stupidity.

*I’m pretty sure my co-workers are also over the new improved me. In a meeting the other day, I actually used Hawthorne Effect in a sentence. With meaning.


Back to Knitting. First of all, is it too late to get in on the Knitting Olympics?




My first, post-test yarn yearn was to start a new project (of course.). You may recall that BT (Before Test), I was working on a baby cardie for a co-worker. ::He’s small-framed.:: I got as far as picking up stitches for the collar, before deciding that the thing was a tactile hideosity. At least for use as a baby gift.

::For the record, Cotton-Ease doubled, on one-size too-small needles (in the spirit of good gauge), does not make for good fabric for a sweet baby gift. Fencing garb? That's another story.::

I will finish the baby sweater eventually, for charity.

Since I already told this co-worker that I was knitting a baby gift, he is now kind of expecting something handknit.

::Note to self: Don’t do that anymore.::

Therefore, in my plans for casting on anew, I stuck with the baby gift theme.

After a quick glance over the stash accounts, I determined I could get a swift, yet satisfying leg-up with this number, from Last Minute Gifts (the denim baby drawers):

The yarn is that Denim Dammit stuff from Elann, which I had been saving to complete the Anchors Away* sweater.


More knitting.

Saturday, on the way home from the exam, I stopped into my favorite, local yarn shop, for some therapy-on-a-string. Unfortunately, I was too fried to even look at the yarn. It was nothing but fuzz.**

I didn’t leave empty-handed though, thanks to an impulsive, nearly blind book purchase. More on that another day.

PTSD Working:
Plump with pride from a test well taken, Monday morning I floated into work on a cloud of vainglory, convinced that I possessed powers to heal, through mere presence.


By 9:00 a.m., in the aftermath of an unprecedented deluge of concurrent, constituent-based behavior issues, I was well off my high horse and flat on my ass. Next, I tried to figure out (yet again), how all my charges managed to squeeze into the same damn handbasket, at the same time. In other words, the devolution had begun.

I was well on my way to normal.
In a handbasket.
And it was good.

I've got lots more things to talk about, but I’m worn. And it’s my first free Friday night in weeks. So I'll leave you with this weekend treat:

fox hat

::Since I've been living in a rathole the past several weeks, there's a very strong chance that this video link has already been around knitblogland, and back. Please forgive if I missed it at your place. I received my own copy in an email, but couldn’t figure out if or how I could load it directly to my post.::

::Yah, I'm a techtard.::

::But I’m your techtard.::

::And it’s Friday.::

::So tonight, we drink. ::


*A sweater I started two years and 20 pounds ago. Cate, I swear that I was stretching that ill-be-fitten front sweater piece across my girls at the very time you were writing the post containing our Knit While it Fit KAL. I tried to comment on your post but it wouldn’t stick. I think you had your boring comment filters on. In retrospect, I think it was a good move.

**Special Shout-out to my buddy Char, who gave me today's fuzzy inspirations. Fuzzzzzzz. Hope you're feeling better sweetie. You can leave a comment where it says piggies going wee wee.

Big Ass P.S. I know I am pathetically behind in my sidebar updates and blog cruising. Hopefully this weekend.

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