••• Saturday, April 01, 2006

Effin' Late 

1)I’ve had quite The Couple of Weeks at work; an unchronicled series of events which unceremoniously came to an end Thursday afternoon, at 3:00 p.m., at the commencement of my Spring Break.

2)Friday morning we drove to the cottage.

3)Friday afternoon I was bitch-slapped by a cold-like virus.

4)Friday night, having forgotten to pick up a sleep-friendly cold medicine in town, I was forced to substitute an Alcho-Seltzer concoction of my own, which made me feel better in some ways but not so much in many others. And I slept nary a drip. When I did sleep, I had nightmares. About work. I dreamt that I had diagnosed half the H.S. staff with Aut*ism Specktrum Disorder and administration was really mad at me because now they had to provide speshul education job placements for all these employees under ADA, and where would they find the money?

5)Today I still don’t feel so snot hot.

6)Today I feel unclever. No, worse than that. I feel anti-clever. I am The Anti-Clever.

7)So, what am I doing here, with my brain du Mod Podge? The ABC- Along. I need to get the F out from behind.

8) Let's get on widdit.

F is Fur Fluffins'
AKA The Fluffinator, Bella, Bella Boosky, Boosky, Boosky Patoosky (Sweet as Fluffin Pie…It’s a cat song. Shut up.) Boo-key, Kitten-Kattin and L’il Bitch.

::Notice how she has possession or near-possession of everything I need for a night of happiness? You can't see that she's laying on top of a denim pant leg in progress. L'il Bitch.::

I don’t have many interesting stories about Bella. Well, maybe a couple, but to make them interesting I would need some clever. Got none. Okay, maybe one.

I never had a girl cat before, and the heat cycle thing kind of caught me off guard. I first knew something was wrong when I was watching the weather channel and an apparently weather-worthy event was happening in Peducah, Kentucky. At this time, in addition to knowing naught about estruating felines, neither had I ever heard of Peducah, Kentucky. And I was immediately fascinated by the sound and feel of saying it.


After saying it quietly to myself a few times over, I yelled to my boyfriend (now husband) in the other room, “There’s a tornado warning in Peducah!” And as soon as I said Peducah, Bella (who was sleeping on the floor) stuck her butt in the air and went Maaawwwwr! Then, as quick as it went up, the butt when down.

That’s weird, I thought. So I yelled it again. Peducah!

Butt up. Maaawwwr.

I know it sounds kind of mean now, but I had no idea what was going on. It was an amazing thing to see. So of course, I had to call Eric in to see.

Peducah. Maaawwrrrr.

It wasn’t until a couple of days later, after catching her Fluffhumpin' the Hoover, that I figured it out. We fixed it, of course. (The cat, not the Hoover.)

That’s my Bella story.

I do have some knitting updates but they’ll have to wait until there’s a notable drop in the nasal drip.

I’ll close with a picture I took yesterday, shortly after we arrived. My girl is quite the multi-tasker:


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