••• Monday, April 03, 2006

Spring Broke 

Two days ago we were basking in the beauty of a sunny, 66 degreed spring day. This morning I woke to find this view out on the front room window of the cottage:

Yah, that’s snow. Stuck to the window. Hurled from the sky sideways, in the form of large snowballs (not kidding), as Mother Nature opened a can of weather-whoop-ass, upon our Michiganian Spring Breakin’ selves.

I think it's payment for our recent gloat-fest over not being amongst the pathetic southbound fucks, stuck in traffic on I-75, over the past three days. But I'm a quick study, which means you won't read a font of complaint about Spring Break weather here. Otherwise I'm sure I'll be dreaming of a white Memorial Day.

Mea Culpaducah
A thousand apologies for my repeated misspelling of Paducah in that last post. Blame it on the rain snow Nyquil Internet. Yes, that’s it. The Internet.

When I wasn’t sure of my first choice of spelling,I did a quick Google before I hit publish. I mistakenly figured 3000 real estate agents can’t be wrong.

Hearty Ho’
This is my current project, a pullover sweater for The Cakers.

The pattern is from the Rowan Treasury anthology and the yarn is Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. I initially dug out the yarn to make SaunShine’s Regine, but I was short a skein. It’s an easy knit, once you write the chart out in text (That is, if you’re an auntie Chart person, such as myself.).

Before I could get started on this sweater, I had to make a run into town to the knitting needle store where, I was shocked to learn,they also carry yarn. :: I know, you could have knocked me over with a bunny fart. ::

Sale Yarn. Even.

That would be yarn that sails nicely into large brown bag and then into the back seat of a family vehicle. The very place I planned to keep it safely tucked away on the car floor, just beneath the space where Cakers dangles her feet. Upon our return home, it would have been secretly whisked away to one of several sacred hiding bins.

Have I mentioned lately, how my little girl has grown? Oh yeah. Used to be that she gave no mind to my secret back seat stash habits. But the next time we all get into the car at the same time, she says: Look Daddy, Mommy bought a big bag of yarn!

You mean needles, don’t you honey?

No daddy, see? She holds up the bag.

My husband looks at me. I smile real sweet and say real quiet-like, "Was that a childless band of gypsies we saw camped outside of town yesterday?"

The yarn is Plymouth Baby Merino. If I can lose 10 pounds of gut and boobage over the summer, I'm thinking of making this into Knit and Tonic's Not-So-Shrunken Cardigan.

A Photo-Opsession...
...Taking close ups of lake water. 200 shots just today. Consider yourself warned.

I call this one Loopy Swan.

And thanks for the good health vibes. Aside from excessive goobage, I'm feeling almost back to normal.

P.S. Up until like, yesterday, I did not know that if you click on a post picture, you can see a bigger version. Gawd I love this country. And Mother Nature. Of course.

P.P.S. I've heard that my comments haven't been working. Please email me at Marcymayy at aol dot com if you run into problems. If I don't know about it, I can't cry about it. Thanks.

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