••• Sunday, April 30, 2006

Wacky Hack 


I'm just gonna get down to it. About two weeks ago I developed a powerful aversion to both the internet and the knitting. What started out as a simple case of procrastination turned into a kind of panic response, including respiratory lockdown, whenever I: 1) Looked at or even thought about my current knitting project that is sitting on the couch 2) Logged on to the internet.

I couldn't even approach the knitting to put it away, so I could stop looking at it. I was only able to publish that last post because most of it was already written and I worked on it off-line.

I know what you're thinking, and I'm not depressed. My non-knitting time has been well spent on a new, ridiculously boring solitaire game I purchased from AOL, off-line of course, which I will soon be deleting. Okay, that sounds a bit depressed but it's not.

I've also been spending lots of time with The Cakers outdoors, because it's Spring, dammit, and we've had a long haul of beautiful weather and only freaks don't go out in the spring on a beautiful day. ::I hate Spring, BTW. Every bloomin' thing about it. And I'm not going to apologize. And it's not depression. If I ever have the time or courage to explain, it will make perfect sense. Some of you may even choose to join me.::

My sister's birthday was last Sunday and I was knitting her a scarf for a gift. That purple lacey one. I had only three inches to go, which would have taken me minutes to do. But I couldn't. I don't even know where it is. The need for a last minute gift lead me to yet another preoccupation, photo notecards:

While avoiding all things internet and knitting last weekend, I decided to clean out my photo files. Recalling a recent note on JStrizzy's blog, that she is now selling notecards made from her photo collection, I had the great idea to make my sister some cards for her birthday. And then I decided to make some for my mom and my mother-in-law for mother's day. It's been a really fun process. And good for my soul.

And I will not be producing these for sale.
And I'm not depressed.

I don't know how this allergic reaction to the internet and knitting got started in the first place. JenLa recently was victim to a hacker, which has kept them from posting for a week ::which made me feel a might better, girls. Thanks. A simple upswing of misfortune.::

But it almost feels like someone hacked into my brain and threw a switch. No doubt the hacker was so frightened by the experience that he left before doing further damage. I'm sure I could've tracked him down through one of the local mental health clinics, but I figured he's been punished enough.

So, now I'm back. Obviously cured. It's a dull story, the cure. Yesterday I had a cut-n-color appointment and needed a project to work on. Feeling ready to knit but not ready to approach my current project (heart motif sweater), I decided to start a hat for the Get Connected charity I posted about last week. I decided this just 30 minutes before having to leave for my appointment. With no time to scour pattern books, I remembered that Crazy Aunt Purl had posted a quick hat pattern a while back, so I ::gasp:: got on line,and breathing fine,found the pattern, printed her up, cast on and had one row done before I left. That was it.

I have also been walking 4 miles a day, about 4 times a week, between all the other crazy shit I've not been doing. So there's lots of unrecorded brain bloggin in my noggin, which means the Walking the Blog Pt. II is hopefully on the way. Hopefully. And yes, I know I'm behind in the Alphabet Bit.

Bossin' Your Music Around
In the meantime, I need to spread the word on Bruce Springsteen's New album. All I can say is Oh Man.

It's rich. Deep. Powerful. I go to bed with one song in my head and wake up humming another. I haven't quite sorted through the strong emotions some of these songs evoke, but for now I just want to spread the word. My personal favorites at this moment (it changes) are Erie Canal, Shenandoah, Oh,Mary Don't You Weep and Mrs. McGrath. The last one is an old Irish ballad about a mother receiving her once perfect and now maimed son home from war. That one makes me cry. And it's not because I'm depressed. It's a sad song. Actually, most of the songs will make you want to dance. Many will make you think.

I am back.
I will be back.


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