••• Saturday, May 20, 2006

Baby Showers... 

...Bring long work hours.

J is for Job

You may not know this, but some time during the last few weeks, I picked up a second job: Baby catcher. In fact, I'm damn sure you didn't know this because I didn't figure it out until just a couple of days ago.

Normally, my job entails the random crisis.

Lately, my job has entailed the random Normal. Very random. In fact, Normal and my PeriPausal menstrual cycle seem to be on the same schedule. Spotty. Nearly every day, for the past month, something has happened at work that requires immediate, emergency level attention. As in put-down-the-coffee-cup-mid-sip important. As in kick-the-current-client-to-curb-mid-whine important. As in Somebody-Catch-the-Baby! important.*

Now, if my job description included baby catching as the primary responsibility, I know that I would try to be the best little baby catcher I could be. Without complaint. The problem is, my job description includes only the random baby catch, which means I have many other very important, non-crisis oriented responsibilties, to people who won't give a rat's ass about babies falling from the sky when my report is late and/or crappily written. Or why I'm not seeing my other clients, or calling parents, or scheduling the last team meeting of the year ::shit, note to self for Monday. Schedule last team meeting for year, falling babies notwithstanding.::

Initially my J was gonna be for June. Right now, June is nothing to me but another looming deadline I feel I will never meet. Of course, I will. Meet it. But people, I'm gonna be in a world of hurt getting there. But for now, all I'm asking for is one or two days of working under Normal advisories.

If I get that, then I'll know it's gonna be okay.

Knitting Knuggets
As of this afternoon, I've finished all pieces to The Cakers heart motif sweater. This picture was obviously taken before sleeve two was born. It looks just like the first one.

Hopefully I'll soon have my third (just third?) Completed in 2006 item in the sidebar. Ugh. Ya know, it's amazing how much knitting you can get done if you actually sit down and, uh, knit.

I keep promising I'll be back and I keep really meaning it. Really. But now I gotta go. Oh, Baby. I really do.

*I started this post Thursday night. I just heard about Brittny dropping her baby a few hours ago, from my husband. I blame myself. I need to keep my mojo under lock and key.
**Actually, I've started a couple different posts this week. I don't know where it all goes, people. And on that note, I've been to a grand total of three blogs over the past week. I think I may have even commented. Sorry if I'm missing anything big.

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