••• Monday, May 29, 2006

Under the Famdar 

Stealth blogging. From cottage. Lots of pictures. Few words. Little to no editing. ::I am getting pretty damn good at closing this window at the speed of a click. Good thing my father-in-law's entrance into the room is always preceded by a gimpy dog with a jingly collar::

Refreshingly Naughty
Friday. Air is chilly. Water temp is still rebounding from the winter freeze. I'm in the cottage rationing toilet flush tokens. Husband is outside with the Cakers.

I then step onto the porch to find my girl swimming. Wearing a dress. So I ask my husband if he gave the Cakers permission to swim in her dress. He says no. Of course not. So I haul her frozen ass out of the lake and perpetrate a colossal chastisement upon her, complete with a threat of missing the first boat ride of the season.

That's right. I was playing some serious shit. With my husband by my side, nodding to the beat.

Later that evening, I unload my camera from the day's take. Following is sample of what I find:

Says my husband in his defense: "You asked me if I told her she could go swimming in her dress. I never did. She never asked."

There has also been some non-corrupt activity going on around here. When not swimming with the penguins or making sand angels (yah, lay in the sand and flap your wings), Cakers indulges in her new preoccupation with catching minnows.

I bet I have 30 shots of her at various points on the dock, in at least three different outfits. This is one of my faves. ::Picture removed 8/15/06 for mysterious reasons. Sorry.::

Other highlights of the weekend:
1)Went for a four mile hike with husband, on a local bike/jog/hike trail. Spent most of the time trying to figure out why there is a handicap spot in the parking lot at the head of the trail.

2) The Dollar General is still the best spot for holiday weekend emergency sunglass purchase. And only in Northern Michigan can you try on Foster Grants to the tune of the cashier telling every customer passing through about the fight in the back of the store, between two customers, just minutes ago. Said cashier is also chewing on a 12-inch blimpie while running the register and telling her tale, 'cause the store's been so busy that she ain't had no breakfast or lunch today.

3) The Dollar General sells ringlet hair pieces in an assortment of colors. A troop of tweeners were trying them on. This item definitely met the seal of approval by the Dollar General pubescent constituency.

I'll leave you with this shot I took last night of our neighboring dock:

Have a refreshingly naughty Monday.

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