••• Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Finishing School 

Looking through my bag of unfinished shit, I recently decided enough is enough. Being a finishing school dropout is not how I envisioned myself as a knitter, at this phase in my life. Not only has dropping out been bad for my self-esteem, the piles of tangled wads lying around the house are stressing me out and messing up the scenery.

So, I made the decision to go back to finishing school. Making the decision was easy. Motivation was the pisser. So when I saw the Motivation Poster template at Flagrant Disregard, I thought it would be be the perfect incentive tool to not only get me started on finishing school, but hopefully keep me there as well.

So here it is, the Finishing Line-up of Motivation, in order of their anticipated appearance:

An Exception to the Rule

I really like you, peaches.
Gotta shake you free.

Remember Peaches? Unfortunately, the fruits of this labor, I will not savor.

I've always loved this sweater. I think I would love it more if there was a brain cell's chance in a Bush's cranium that I would ever fit into it. Because, as is often the case with school girls, I'm still growing. You know. Up there.

I also found a hideous mistake that would require frogging almost half of one front piece. For the record, I was 1.5 sleeves from being done with the knitting portion.

So, start to finish I go.
I'll keep you postered.

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