••• Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hot Dippity Dog 

On this day, it appears that Bloggerwad has bestowed upon me, full photo upload capabilities. Hot Dammity Do.

And, because here at the lake it's about 94,000 degrees in the shade, and across said lake is blowing a not so gentle breeze that feels not unlike a blow dryer set on Crispy Do, I'm running with the hot photo op.

Dippity Do

Cakers got a haircut. I had no idea that cutting off a few dozen snake heads could make such a difference.

Dippity Ski
A bonafide ski dude lives a couple cottages down from ours. Ski dude is in his fifties, very dude and quite the legend in these parts. I'm not sure if the legend status has to do with his skiing skills or that he's in his fifties and still lives with his parents.

Most important to me is that he spends his days making pretty water for da pipples.

Dippity Kids
Friday night there was a group of kids playing on this huge bouncy thing at sunset. I thought they cut a sparkling silhouette.

Dippity Dawg

It's not all fun and games up here. We take our water safety very serious. As you can see, Cakers and Cheddar understand the importance of always swimming with a buddy.

Monday, we'll return to our irregular programming.

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