••• Sunday, August 20, 2006

Coppin' a Meme 


Today it's Sandy's Saturday Sky, even though I'm not a boney-fide registrant. And this here renegade particpant has not one, not two, but three Saturday sky pics, to boot.

A regular Sky Harlot, I am.
How high can I fly?

Today's weather took a turn for the cool and windy, so my husband, Cakers and I headed to a nearby resort town* to take in some dinner and tourist sights.

This is my husband and Cakers looking over the wild and wavy goods of Lake Michigan, under a wild and wavy sky. ::Remember to click it to big it.::

Further down the shoreline we stopped at a famous scenic park, which offers a few overlooks of the Big Lake.* I took this shot from one of the viewing decks. ::No, I really did. I couldn't make this shit up.::

After a lovely tour of the shoreline, which included A-Cakers-Story-For-Another-Day.-Maybe, we made it back to the cottage without anyone getting seriously hurt or arrested.

As if we hadn't already been treated to a heaping serving of sky a la mode, we were welcomed home by this skyview:

Further down the shoreline is a fantastic scenic drive with several overlooks to Lake Michigan and other beautiful sights.

*I used to rent a cottage every year in this community and consider it one of the most beautiful, magical places I've ever been. Because I've paid some rent 'round these parts, I always enjoy a sense of belonging whenever I visit.

**West Michiganese for Lake Michigan.

Saturay Sigh
That would be the sigh of happiness in response to a project well going. Here's the back side of the Trudie Cardigan, just a couple inches shy of shoulder shaping and cast-off. Since this picture was taken,I finished the back.

We now return to our regularly scheduled, weekend nothingness.


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