••• Friday, August 25, 2006

Eye Candy Bandy Wagon 

These are more shots from our adventures on the dunes last weekend. This one is of an area where I used to vacation, in a past life or two.

That farm in the background of the scene once belonged to a guy named Day. He donated most of the property in that picture to the federal government and it is now part of the Sleeping Bear National Park (or something like that). I used to ride my bike past the farm, via one of the most picturesque roads I've had the pleasure to traverse. The area is mostly abandoned farmland, with old houses, breezy fields and lots of apple trees. The big water is Lake Michigan and the litte water to the right is Little Glen Lake, upon which I used to rent a cottage.

Here is Lake Michigan, enjoying some spotty, shoreline sun.

I've been in a tiny, quirky funk this week, on and off. I'm sure it's just transitional stuff and nothing serious. College boy returned to his academic digs yesterday. His landing was much smoother than last year's, as it should be. For more than a couple reasons, it's kind of nice to have him getting on with his developmentally appropriate life, but the psychological emptiness is still kind of naggy. At her core, a mother likes to have her things about her.

Last night was "Meet the Teacher" night for kindergarten. I haven't written about this upcoming transitional heart tromper yet, and am not starting now. I will admit to pulling my deer-in-headlights-can't-speak-now-I'm-verklempting-'cause-she's-growing-up-too-fast thing, when the teacher introduced herself. And I call myself a professional.

On a positive note, I was pleased to see several sets of older parents ::like almost my age, but not quite::. The age thing and Cakers starting school this fall became a secret concern for me during our week at soccer camp, earlier in the summer. ::No, I didn't post about it, it's somewhere in my draft bin, which is getting kind of full.::

Today we commence with day three in a row of shopping for College/kindergarten. Yay me. While I hate mall shopping, I was recently thrilled to see that tunics are in for fall. I love me some coverage.

That's it for today. Sorry, no snappy.


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