••• Friday, August 18, 2006

Eye Candy, So Handy 

I'm finally biting on the Friday Eye Candy. If you're unfamiliar, click on the button.

This is a picture of a bubble on a path. Typically I think of bubbles as being a bit random and without purpose. After taking this shot at the lake, I'm rethinking my thinking on the bubble. Please click for a close-up.

Confidence Candy
Here is yesterday's shot on the Trudie Cardie with Ruffles. As of this writing, I'm more than a few inches further along than what you see in the picture, and just half an inch from the armhole shaping. I'm really, really lovin' this stitch. It's not only easy, but it gives good fabric.

And Then She Went Away
Due to several circumstances, we haven't been to the cottage for a few weeks (the anniversary thing doesn't count, Cakers wasn't there). This coming weekend was off limits to us because the in-laws were having company.

Late yesterday we received the dreaded call; cottage company has cancelled and in-laws will need outside assistance in the partaking of company-intended food and drink. Apparently, there were also plans for the company to enjoy the beautiful, relaxing ambiance of the lake environment and maybe take in a boat ride or two.

Even though I really felt like staying home this weekend, to endure enjoy yet some more endless days on end meaningful moments, cooped up bonding with a lonely, bored, yakkity-yakking sweetly precocious four-year old, I realized that it's not always about me. We're needed, so we're going.

And it sounds like we have our work cut out for us.

Per usual, when the folks are around, the blogging ops are rare or stealth-like. To make sure we get the job done right, we're staying through Tuesday.


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