••• Friday, September 08, 2006

Diff'rent Pokes 

A few years ago there was a popular Friday MEME about Five Things. I thought it was called Five-Things-You-Should-Know-About-the-Ice-Pick-In-My-Eye. I did a google but couldn’t find anything about it. Maybe it was dropped because people couldn’t see the point.

Too bad, too. It would have been a fitting post for today. Now I'm stuck having to explain how I’m feeling.

In a nutshell: I'm not fit for human consumption.

This ennui feels different than my usual adjustment to work after summer break. I think it's the Cakers and Kindergarten. Don’t get me wrong, it seems to be going very well. In fact, yesterday she dismissed her daddy at the corner, to walk to the line with her friends. This morning, she dismissed him before they were off the block, so she could walk the whole way with her friends (and an adult).

But it seems this little change in this little person’s life has taken a not-so-little-yet-hard-to-describe toll on the household.

My work schedule is the same. And Cakers’ is spending the same amount of time away from us as she did when she was in daycare.

Yet somehow, it all feels different.

She is different.

She looks different.
She smells different.
She knows different people.
She smells like different people.
She talks different.
And she knows the words to a fight song.

It’s changed the rhythm of all our lives.
Our sync is sunk.
Our homeo's lost its stasis.
There’s a disturbance in the family force.

And it’s making my husband different too. He’s kind of edgy and distracted and has been showering daily for the walk to school. This is a man who may not have showered for our wedding. Okay, maybe he did for the wedding. But he's never been the showering kind.

Every day he's called me at work, to tell me how she let go of his hand a little further from the school than she did the day before. And then there was the big blow today. Poor guy, dissed in front the neighorhood by daddy's little girl.

And this was just the first week. What's next? She's moving into a neighbor's basement apartment with a bunch of wild 1st graders? Or running away to join a Disney girl band?

Of course this is not a traumatic or life altering event. It’s just a little limp in the family cadence. But it hasn't helped that there have been a bunch of changes at work, a few of which caused me to start the year already behind, while the rest of the changes have made my work place feel, well, different.

But enough of this whinery. It's Pull The Ice Pick From My Eye Candy Friday!

And in a couple of hours I hope to turn this stark, dark mood to a pickled pink. With a lovely red.

Enjoy yours.


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