••• Friday, September 01, 2006

Eye Like Candy 

Cat: One hell of a nice animal, frequently mistaken for meatloaf.-Kliban
The Weakened
Yesterday marked the conclusion of three full, back-to-back days of state mandated inservice for me. By the third day, it always feels like they're just making shit up, to pass the time. Or maybe that's just me, just making shit up, to pass the time.

I do know that I'd rather squeeze butt glands on labradors, than sit through another moment of it. And really, I'd rather not that. Either.

Anyway. After work, I tumbled home to pack for the cottage and we arrived here late last evening. I always hate that rushing after work part, but always appreciate being already here the next morning. Especially when the in-laws are here to get up at the crack of hell with their treasured Cakers.

Today is supposed to be gorgeous and tomorrow less so. Sunday we may get some Ernesto up this way. Either way, we're heading home then to give us all a full day of comtemplation before starting our new family career: Kindergarten.

I know I need to Q up on the Alpha bit, but it ain't happening any time soon.

Kno knitting knews to speak of. I finished the front of Trudie after ripping back to the start of the armhole and on ride up here, I got about three inches reknit on the back, after ripping back to the armhole.

And that's that. ::I'm feeling kind of bold this morning, blogging with the in-laws walking around behind me, talking to me and stuff.::

Enjoy your weekend. May all your labors be those of love.


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