••• Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Follow the WTF Road 

Yesterday morning, on my way to work, I saw a woman driving about 65 mph down the beltway, while eating a bowl of cereal. It was big bowl. White. And the spoon was stainless, not plastic. Bowl in her left hand, spoon in the right. She set the spoon in the bowl only when she needed to shift gears, otherwise both hands were fully engaged in the act of consumption.

I rode along side her for a 1/4 mile just to watch. She never took her eyes off the road ahead and neither did she put her hands the wheel. She couldn't. They were full.

She wasn't steering with her knees either. I know this because I could see down into her car. Besides, it would be impossible to do while operating a clutch. And here's the most amazing thing, as she sped away from the our last shared stop light, her car never even shivered in her lane. She just blew away, straight as an arrow.

Either that was a bowl of Wheaties she was eating, or she stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. Regardless, WTF?


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