••• Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hump Roast 

Last week I saw a what must have been a public service announcement about September being Menopause Awareness Month. WTF? If you have it and/or live, work or sleep with someone who does, you are aware. Take it from a woman who spent most of the day dealing with crises and the administrators who administrate them, with her ears glowing a monkey-ass red.

Awareness? Got some.

In fact, this makes about as much sense as Jart Embedded in Skull Awareness Month.

Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms?
-Searing headaches, often isolated to one area.
-Neck Pain.

-Loss of balance.

-Constant feeling that people are staring and/or children crying, wherever you go.
-Difficulty getting in and out of cars.

-Discomfort riding in cars.

-Seeing a bright color out of corner of eye, but when you turn to look, nothing is there.

-Near constant feeling of something weighing heavily on mind, but can't quite pinpoint what it is.

-Irrepressible urges to get drunk and poke someone's eye out.

If you experience at least 8 out of 9 symptoms, you may be one of the 17 estimated people in the world with Jart Embedded in Skull and are advised to seek immediate medical attention or a large family reunion.
Whether it's Menopause or Jart Embedded in Skull, if you got it, no further awareness required.

P.S. I am getting about 30 minutes of blog/email time a day during the week, so I'm sorry I haven't been able to reply to comments and stuff. I wish Haloscan didn't hide the email addresses, would make life much easier. This weekend. Yeah. That's it. Sarah, I'd love to see her again, but we're going to the cottage that weekend.

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