••• Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dwelling on the Dwelling by the Sea 

The weekend was so delicious, I'm having a hard time letting go.

I can't stop thinking about it.

I can't stop talking about it.

I can't stop looking at the 500 plus pictures I took about it.

But it's time. I know. People are sick of hearing about it, and truthfully, I'm sick of people getting sick of it.

So I'm moving on. To some knitting. Really.

As promised last week or so, here's the Cakers modeling her Queen of Hearts sweater:

I can't remember exactly when or where that picture was taken. I think it was over the weekend. There may have been some bodies of water involved.

Oh, you say you can't see the sweater very well? My bad. Here's a bit of an action shot, taken, hmmmm, maybe this past weekend. But I can't be sure.

No fashion spread is complete without the ol' Walking Along the River with my Daddy shot. This picture may have been taken some time over the past several days or so and that could be Lake Michigan in the background, but I can't remember. Exactly.

Whew. It's kind of nice to finally be over my weekend dwelling. When I started today's post, I wasn't sure I would be able to get through it without mentioning, well, you know.

I almost forgot. While she was wearing that heart sweater somewhere recently, The Cakers found this stone:




I had a long, drawn out tale prepared for how this sweater came to be on my needles. The story included intrigue (where is that yarn?) and suspense (will I get gauge?) and a case of mistaken identity (WTF? This isn't even close). Bottom line: Afer my original plan didn't work out, I had less than an hour to start over in my search for a pattern and yarn.

Well, the impromptu knit gods were for me on that day. The pattern is from A Treasury of Rowan Knits and is called Polar. It's a tunic. I'd show a picture of the pattern but my hub is on the computer that's attached to the scanner, and he's kind of crabby right now. It's a moss stitch/stockinette rib. The knit stitch, not my husband.

The yarn is Kilcarra Cottage ::shut up.:: Tweed. I bought it about four years ago on Ebay from a woman who was living in Kilcar at the time of the sale. The purchase was a steal, I recall, even with interuniverse shipping. I don't know if this stuff is still available on the market, but I think Tahki sold it under their label for awhile. It's kind of crunchy but I'm hoping that will come a bit in the wash.

It's also a fat, quick knit.

WTFreud Tuesday
There'll be no WTF Wednesday post this week. In fact, my weekday blogging will be even more sharply curtailed for awhile, for reasons I will explain when my weekday blogging is not so sharply curtailed.

Anyway. Tonight we attended a school function for The Cakers at the high school. ::A post for another day. Or two.:: The only open spot to park was near that, ummm, special place I showed you last week.

I was pleasantly astounded to see that this week they've added a feature to our precious Vagigantic.


I'm tellin' ya, I couldn't make this shit up.

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