••• Thursday, October 05, 2006

October Harvest 

This picture was taken five years ago today, on my baby boy's 15th birthday, just moments after he was introduced to his baby sister, one day old.

Can you see the adoration in his face? Whenever I look at this picture, I hear him thinking "Now everybody's going to know my mom did it. And she's over 40. I'll never get a date for homecoming."

My son has a tiny little pea head, for which he gets teased without mercy by his friends and mother. For perspective: The Cakers' head is 3/4 inch smaller in circumference. He also has crimped ears, which he somehow blames on me.

Anyway. In honor of his 20th birthday, I made him this card.

He seemed to get quite a kick out of it. And it didn't even go to his head. ::yeah, I can now see that the text contains some grammos. It was late and I was tired and this was the best I could come up with after 16 fucktillion tries.::

In case any of you were paying attention, yes, The Cakers turned five yesterday. And no, I don't have any decent pictures of her, representing the occasion.

I do have a picture of Mattel's most recent addition to their lineup: Flaming Uterus Barbie.

Okay. I'm so tired, I'm actually considering going to bed before Grey's Anatomy. Besides, I am so over Meredith and her McFucktards.

So g'nite.


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