••• Saturday, October 07, 2006

Saturday Sigh 

Saturday Sky

Saturday Lakes

That's our lake in the foremost-ground and Lake Michigan on the horizon. If you click it big, you can barely make out the head of the Baby Bear of South Manitou Island.

This one is a neighboring lake in a neighoring town, a few miles up the road.

Saturday Eeyore Dog

Saturday Chair on Neighbor's Porch

Saturday Knit

Yes, new project. We'll talk later.

Saturday Nap

What a cutie, eh? And such a happy guy, after his bitchy-ass wife just woke him up for snoring. ::Yeah, he's cute and sweet, but there's no snoring in beautiful fall days at the lake.::

Okay. Okay. So I'm glad it didn't rain.

::I didn't plan on posting so many pictures, but Blogger was giving it up tonight, people. We just kept goin' and goin'.::

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