••• Wednesday, October 04, 2006

WTFing Around the 'Hood 

Over the past year, the main street of my little town has been undergoing a major makeover. What was once a snooty-patooty department-store-turned-vacant-lot, is now a series of lovely storefronts, with vintage appeal.

One of the more publicized additions included in the overhaul has been a stained-glass-like sculpture of the sails of a sailboat, which adorn the entrance to a parking garage.

After the first few pieces were put up, I took this picture:

I was really excited about this sculpture, not only because I thought it was going to be a cool addition to the neighorhood, but also because I imagined a variety of artsy photo ops.

Well..I was right on one count. There are photo ops...

...of a gigantic, pink Peter Maxx vagina.

Here's a rather unfocused, long distance view of the, ummm, piece. ::I apologize for the poor quality but there was a lot of traffic. Mostly teens. I was in fear for my life. My readers are worth a lot to me, but not that much. Sorry. ::

With this shot I wanted to show what people see straight ahead of them while driving down this street. A street which happens to run along side the high school. Initially I was a bit concerned about the impact of teenagers getting a daily exposure of, well, this. On the other hand, the athletic teams have been doing really well this season.

I hear that there's talk of adopting Ypsilanti as a sister city, where this landmark graces their beautiful downtown area.

Okay. I made that last part up. I just wanted to show a picture of that tower again.

Anyway. WTF?

P.S.For a real tall treat, Google images using Ypsilanti and tower.

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