••• Thursday, December 28, 2006

I Need Therapy Thursday 

We're going to the cottage this afternoon, through New Years. This was to be a joyous event. Now, not so much. First of all, Cakers and Husband were going to go skiing on New Years Eve day, and leave me to my own stuck-at-the-cottage-all-alone devices, which usually include some sleeping in and some blogging and some knitting.

However, it's supposed to rain all weekend and my laptop needs a new video card so is out of commission. Our desktop computers are my husband's work computers and do not have modems for dial-up.

I was really looking forward to getting some fresh air via some lenghty walks through my favorite up north haunts. See above note about raining all weekend.

I was really looking forward to getting caught up on some blogging. Time off from work seems to be the only time, anymore, I have the brain power required to pull a couple sentences together. See above note about computer.

I was really looking forward to catching up on other blogs and leaving some comments and shit. See above...

I was really looking forward to getting caught up on organizing and playing with my photos. On my computer. Ditto on seeing above...

I was really looking forward to taking some lovely winter shots at the cottage and playing with them on my computer. See above notes about rain and computer.

I really should get finished packing. My husband is at a meeting right now and will be home soon, expecting me standing at the door all agiggles, with three packed laundry baskets and a dressed kid and a tail-wagging dog.

I have one basket packed with stuffed animals and am still in my pajamas, trying to decide whether or not I should floss that piece of orange chicken leftover from last night's dinner or save it for a stink bomb in the car, and I think someone forgot to let the dog in and that may be his tail poking out from the neighbor's bushes, as I write. Damn them neighbors and their bushes. And I haven't heard from Cakers in about an hour. That's not good. Unless she's hunting Labrador in the bushes. And if that's the case, I won't expect either one of them for another hour or so.

Plus, I'm getting the crud.

Not So Happy Old Year Sign Off
We bought Cakers a digital camera for Christmas. It's a real one, not one of those kiddie kind. She's still getting used to it but we've been enjoying some of her "perspectives".

We're getting mostly self-portraits such as this one.

I had a few more but they wouldn't load. Fuck You Blogger. Why oh why couldn't this be I Get Therapy Thursday, instead?

Enough about me and my whining.

Have a Blessed New Year and Godspeed on All Your Happies.

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