••• Friday, January 26, 2007

Dangling Smarticicles 

A woman calls her childhood friend: "Remember that goofy girl in the 4th grade who used to come to school with gum in her hair? I think I just saw her at the yarn shop, walking around with a skein of Baby Cashmerino stuck to the velcro on the cuff of her ski jacket."

Yeppers, that was me. No, not the imaginary person talking to her imaginary friend on the phone. I was the Girl With Gum in Her Hair. Ummmhmm. The girl who grew up to be the Woman who Walks Through Yarn Shop With Skein of Baby Cashmerino Dangling from Velcro Cuff.

Needless to say, I made no purchase today.

I Cando Friday
Oh Yes I Can

Today was supposed to be one of the coldest of the season. When I arrived home from the yarn store at 4:30, it was 38 degrees and sunny. ::Translation for those not from around here: Not that cold. Balmy. Even.::

I'd not been on a real walk outdoors in weeks, and have been missing it, sorely. And I tell ya, it was just what the doctor ordered. Okay, almost what the doctor ordered. Cabana boy just returned from the store with a tall, skinny brown bag filled with the rest of what the doctor ordered. Something red, I presume.

That there photo is a self-portrait of my shadowy self, on my Friday walk.

And I'm not really that tall. I'm wearing stretch pants.

P.S. I apologize for all the typos in yesterday's post. I initially thought to blame it on some Super Cosmic Intergalactic Blogger Word Scramble issue, but that would've been lame, even for me. Truth be, I published late last night, and was too tired for effective scrutiny. And I can't access blogger from work so I couldn't fix it.

But tonight, we drink!

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