••• Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fut the Wuck Wednesday 

Sunday night my husband grilled steak for dinner. And it went something like this:

Now compare to the real deal:

Okay, I did arrange the upper peninusla to appear thus. But I swear the mitten came on my plate looking like that. Of four pieces of steak, two made up the state of Michigan, one was a dead ringer for Minnesota and the fourth was the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus standing in line at Disney World.

I've lived in Michigan all my life.
How do I like it?
Medium well.

WT More F
A couple months ago,I bought myself an Electric Light Orchestra Greatest Hits CD. Over the years, whenever I heard an ELO song from back in the day, I'd get all warm and toasty and reminiscey. I kind of remember them as a little left of mainstream rock-n-roll. Maybe even a little artsy fartsy, what with the orchestra and all.

After I listened to the CD a few times, I realize I don't like them as much as I remembered. The only song I care to listen to on the entire CD is Telephone Line, doo-waw-dooby-dooby-waws notwithstanding. Remember the Jetsonian sound effects at the beginning of that tune? How embarrassing. But not nearly as embarrassing as their recording of Xanadu.*

Please Xayu didn't.

Knitting Knuggets
I've been doing some and there'll be updates soon.

*I later learned that ELO actually wrote the song.

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hahaha, husband grew up in MI and it's always about the mitten!
If I was drinking something, I would have snorted it through my nose - Fut the Wuck!! I love it. And the Geographical steaks are too funny.
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