••• Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hat the Moople 

It's been said that a leopard never changes its stripes. The same can't be said for hats.

Remember this?

Now it's this:

When I went back for the 7 row Encore frog, I found myself just pulling and pulling. Next thing I know, I'm casting on for this. ::scroll down a tad.::

What a fun knit. And fast. Ree Ree fast. This makes pattern number 3 from Bonne Marie, in my current knit parade.

That's what I call a hat trick.

::My favorite hat trick ever was running into three ex-boyfriends at one hockey game. And you know how ever once in a while you have a night when you just know you look your best? The skin, the hair, the twinkle in the eye? It was a night like that. Sigh.::


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