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Hats What it's All About 

Me and Knitting have had a recent parting of the mind and are currently emotionally estranged. Knitting, being the sweet and tender soul she is, blamed herself right off the hat.
Absolutely not, I said. It's me. I've changed. I lost my path. You deserve better, and I'd understand completely if you decided to move on.

But sweet, charitable Knitting agreed to stick it out through this period of Turds und Wang*, with only two stipulations: 1) The relationship will be on a platonic basis for awhile, defined as "No Addi turbos or high end yarns." ::Snort. As if...:: 2) No more speaky German.

*It's a German thing, meaning a period of turbulence or pre-menstrual psychosis.

What's all the rest of that mean?

Well, off the top of my head, it means hats. Lotsa hats.

Okay. Just four hats.

The top hat, is Bonne Marie's ChicHat pattern, in two strands of Encore.

The green and pink number is also in Encore and the pattern from Last Minute Gifts. And here's a surprise: I think there is a mistake in the pattern. I shoulda caught it. But I didn't. I made the children's size and it calls for a cast on of 72 stitches, in a worsted weight. They must grow 'em large in the Land of Last Minute Gifts. I just hope I can find an adult recipient of willing to wear green and pink in the same hat.

There is supposed to be a pom-pon on top of the green/pink one too. But there isn't. When I was a kid, I could never make the pom-pon. When ever I tried to make a pom-pon, it always turned out looking like an armless yarn doll.

Being an all grown woman ::and still growing! Yeah for me!::, I kind of thought I could figure out the pom-pon. But no. It was actually looking pretty good, up until it exploded.

Heh. I always wanted to be on the Pom-Bomb squad.

Hat number 3 is Bonne Marie's H2O in some yarn my mom gave me. I lost the labels, but I think it was Jiggle something, like Jack and Jiggle, or Jiggly With It.

Hat number 4 is Encore again, and this pattern

And this little short-rowed bane of my current knitxistence is Knitty's Tychus. ::Is it just me, or does that sound like a nasty?::

It's a real fun knit and should be pretty easy. The yarn is Encore, as should be the name of the pattern, seeing as how I've knit, ripped and knit again, the same 7 rows. For some reason, I just can't count straight for this. And as I look at this picture, I see that I'm going to have to do it again. Again.

So whazzup widdall da hatz?

I dunno. I suddenly was tired of thinking about big knitting. My current sweater project (Polar) is almost to a point where I'm I need to do some mathematical calculations to get the neckline/collar I desire. It's not a big deal, really. But it seemed so. A big deal.

And that's when I realized that I had a strong need for my a kinder, gentler, less calculating knitting. I had a vision of knitting being smooth and graceful, like two lovers running through a field of daisies, or a T.V. commercial for self-heating K-Y gel.

I want my knitting to be spontaneous and easy. I want to sit in my favorite spot and have it drop out of the ceiling, like an oxygen mask on a jet plane.

I want my knitting to be less thinky. And more fun, with dignity.

So I decided to shake off the ennui and cleanse my mental knit palette with some something easy, like hats for charity. Because I already had a bunch of yarn out for the last horizontal striped scarf, I figured the transition to hats would be astro-glide smooth.

But first I had to leaf through a gazillion books and loose sheets, in search of the right patterns. After I found the patterns, I needed the proper needles. So I opened my needle drawer, to face this:

All of a sudden, knitting hats felt about as easy as catching dust bunnies with a blow dryer.

But I persevered. For charity.
This perseveration for charity will continue through the end of the month.

And now that I have you bored to tears and totally convinced this should never be a blog that offers All Knitting All the Time , and stick to making shit up and playing with my food, I bid thee adieu.

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