••• Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Where I Been and Jerry's 

Funeral. Hee.

Post edited in commemoration of WTF Wednesday and because I just waved to a dead guy in a big black car.

For Reals.
I do have a real post in here. Somewhere.

We returned home last night from the lake and our house is still in a fit of post travel discombobulation. For that reason, it's its itz just not feeling write right for me to sit and pore pour poor me heart out while the nation of my living room is in crisis.

Complicating my post travel post issues is the fact that my husband is all bronchial and shit so hasn't been able to congregate the aggregrate of computer pieces required to give me an appropriate blogging thinkspace. I've just now snuck to the basement ::hee:: to use his computer while he takes his mucked up cilia to the doctor.

I can't work here for long because it's only about 12 degrees down here and Bronchial Bill will be home soon to reconfiscate his workspace. I also can't work here for long because this place is haunted by the ghost of passed lugies and I'm kind of grossing myself out just writing about it. ew.

Yet a third reason ::that is three, right? I'd take a count but my fingers are frozen to the keyboard.:: I can't post right now is because the Presidential Funeral Procession will be passing about 2 blocks from my home in about an hour and I'm thinking of donning my Republic and heading to the corner to see if I can pick me up a little Secret Service eye candy. And even though he was really only a half-president, he was MY half-president, and likely the only Republican presidential candidate I would ever have voted for, had I been born a mere two weeks earlier than my actual birthdate.

Just. Say. In'.


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