••• Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sordid Sundays 

Okay. Maybe not so sordid. Or not at all. Even.

On Friday, I walked into the post-hack debris of a co-worker, who had COWOCOed ::Cough-WithOut-Covering:: just a few steps in front of me.

Within seconds of the airborne interlude, I knew I had conceived.

And now I got it bad.

So if this post feels a little hacked and stuffy, there's good cause.

Will's Step Bro
Feeling under the weather has at least provided me with some knitting time.

I'm up to the armhole shaping on the back, and am quite enjoying the ride. I love knitting cables, especially since I learned how to do them without a cable needle. I still haven't decided what I'm going to do with the collar. I'm thinking I might want to keep the contrast colors at the bottom of the sweater and cuffs, and will just do a simple rib in the main color for the collar.

Or maybe I should wait until I'm off of the Dayquil-Ritalin-Coffee cocktails before I make any rash decisions.


I haven't been able to post my mileage progress at Run-a-Go-Go because I accidently deleted my password and have been too busy/tired/lazy/ovulatory/premenstrual/postmenstrual/lazy to figure out how to get a new one.

I now impose said progress upon you, my faithfully quiet readers.

Lots of people at Run-A-Go-Go have been sharing pictures from their run/walk routes. Because I've mostly been A-Go-Going on my elliptical machine in my bedroom, the only pictures I'd have to offer from that perspective would be the T.V. or our master Room-A-Go-Go.

Last weekend at the cottage, I commandeered The Cakers' pocket-size camera and with it, went all A-Ga-Ga on the Go-Go.

This here is a snow drift, Northern Michigan style:

Some rusted cans, blowing in the wind:

I'm not sure of the purpose of the rusted cans blowing in the wind, although if it's a tool devised to keep away the walking paparazzi, um, I think they're going to need a bigger can, 'cause I walked right up on the thing, without the remotest sense of disquiet.

For those of you who don't get out much, these are windows. For those of you who don't count much, there are two of them.

Red door on a cottage. Just one.

And here we have Uggs on Dayquil:

These boots were made for walkin'.
And that's just what they gofer.
On this day these boots are gonna
Walk all over to the sofa.

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