••• Friday, March 30, 2007

Better Than a Stick in Your Eye 

Candy Friday

This bud's for you.

This yarn's for me.

It's Berroco Cotton Twist, purchased via an Ebay vender. It was 25% off retail, and the best thing is she had my color, and a lot of it. It's actually a tad more greenish than depicted here.

The project du target is Ariann. I know a while back I said I was going to finish the Step-Bro for Cakers before commencing with Ariann. Even as I typed the words back then, I thought I heard some snickers. Now I hear laughing. Loud. Mean. Flat out.

Tonight I swatch.
Tomorrow I cast-on Ariann for the road trip north.
And Cakers' step-bro's gonna have to wait 'til fallish winds prevail.


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