••• Thursday, March 01, 2007

I Need Therapy Thursday 

In my recent life there has been too much rain, wind, snow, ice, fog, thunder, lightening, driving in above conditions, exposure to asshole drivers driving in above conditions, boogs in my nose, wearing of elastic waist pants, hair on my left leg, stepfather in a hospital, Dayquil-induced dementia, take-out dining, college student on my couch and fat on my ass.

In my recent life there has not been near enough wine,knitting, fresh air, writing blog, reading blog, writing email, reading email, sleeping, feelings of professional accomplishment, bugs laying eggs in the ears of my enemies, canoodling, lessening of boogs in my nose, Judge Judy, opportunity to use the word "dearth" in a sentence, leg shaving, pudding eating and reduction of fat on my ass.


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