••• Friday, April 20, 2007

Eye Candy Copia 

Or How to Have a Perfect Friday Afternoon
1) Come home from work, change into exercise garb so as to catch a walk before dinner.

2) Go out for ice cream before dinner, instead.

3) Come home from ice cream store, and announce to family that you're going for a walk, and you really mean it this time.

4) Grab camera and join family in the front yard, instead.

::Psst. Pretend you don't see the Camo Cat in the picture. She'd be mortified if she knew you could really see her.::

::Psst. Don't forget to click, for phull photo impact.::

Why Did You Take This Picture?
1) Because the distortion of the glass took about 6 years off my gut.

2) Those are shorts from last summer, and they still fit me. This is the first out of three springs, that I haven't had to go up a pant size.

P.S. I've been crazy busy and tired and am way behind in my online world. I hope to get to some correspondence this weekend. After soccer and cleaning and cooking and working on a report. And a walk. Yeah. Right after the walk. Heh.

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Very awesome picture of leaves there. Not sure what you are talking about when you mention a cat. hehehe

Awesome picture. :O)
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