••• Friday, April 27, 2007

Fuckle Me Friday 

I'm far past busy.
And outta brain.
And too tired to explain.

I just need to get the Bloggapost Monkey off my back.

And that's where I'm at.

1. What a Difference a Year Can Make. Or, Where'd My Baby Go?
Here's Cakers at soccer camp last summer. ::Clearly, she has her mother's athletic poise and focus.:: Click it, for full impact.

Here she is at last week's game:

At this level, the game is just supposed to be fun, so they don't keep score. Funny how every kid on the opposing team knew that they were ahead 7 to zip.

2. What a Difference 18 Years Doesn't Make
18 years is how long I've been knitting. Looking at this meatloaf-esque Ariann sleeve, it's like I've turned enemy. Part of the problem is that I can't find my long-enough size 7 needle for the magic loop method, so I'm bastardizing the two-circ method on too shorta cables, and it's not going well.

3. Not Your Mother's Cabana Boy.

There'll be more to follow, regarding the machinations of my marriage to the feeble hearted. At least he's still cute.

4. Eye Cakers Friday.
This was taken last summer, at soccer camp.

See that golden glow around her head? That's the image I hold of her always, when we're apart.

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