••• Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Matters of the Heart 

Thank you for all the support and encouraging thoughts on my husband's recent heart scare. He seems to be doing well, although every time I asked him over the weekend, he'd make the Porker Face and tell me "fine". Yesterday, he sheepishly admitted to feeling totally symptom-free for the first time since before going into the hospital. He also corrected an earlier misperception of mine, that test results from the hospital revealed no abnormalities.

Weird thing is, I was in the room when the cardiologist revealed that E's heart pumper thangy was heart-pumper thanging a little slower than it should be. I know I was there when he said it, because I remember him demonstrating the slow pumper action using the universal heart-pumper thangy hand signal, which bore a disturbing resemblance to the universal feel-a-boob-thangy hand signal. But I still don't remember the words.

Maybe I was distracted by the doctor's disturbing/intriguing hand gestures, or his baby-poo-green turtleneck, or the Charles Nelson Reilly-esque glasses.

Or maybe I was preoccupied with the deeper implications of this sign*, hanging on the bathroom door:

Umm, yeah. I'm pretty sure that in the event of any of these things happening, I would run right down to the nurse's station and ask for a gown and a mask, so I could get myself right back in there.

And in consideration the protection of others, I made sure to take care of any potentially splatterable bodily fluid functions, in the public bathroom down the hall.

There's Not Much Clever to Be Made From the Name Ariann, But Ain't She Pretty?

I did get lots done on her the second day in the hospital, while we sat around waiting for discharge papers to be delivered.

I'd like to stay and chat but I have to get myself to work. Speaking of, between home and work demands I'm suffering from a low-grade life ache. For the next couple weeks, posting will be sparse.

Gotta go. And no time to edit.

*This is not the actual sign. I copied the words of the sign, verbatim, then created my own sign, using this warning sign generator.

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