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Monday Sundries 

Since you made it past Sunday without the weekly Margina Monologue, I'll bet you thought you were free and clear...Especially since it's now Tuesday.

:: I meant to finish this post last night, but College Boy needed some Momma Love in the IM, til 12:30 a.m. I keep saying that I'm over him, but he's having a hard time taking a hint.::

I promise to make it short and, well, short.

Sunday Sky

Monday Sky

Monday Marcia Modelling MiMi Long Gone aka Spring, FO reals.

Ariann in Progress

Flash Version

I had hoped to be further along on the pattern by now, but I ran into some problems. I started reading a book. I may have mentioned this here before, but when I read a book, I don't just read a book. I am the book. The book is me.

When I'm reading a book, I don't talk or cook or eat or sleep or knit or shower. Until it's over. Yeah, it gets ugly. The people I live with tend to like their meals on time and their mommas not too smelly.

On Sunday I was standing on the beach, with the book in one hand and my camera in the other, trying to catch a picture of the loons running on water. You may notice, in this post, the absence of pictures of loons running on water.

The literary culprit in question was The Other Boleyn Girl. That I let a book engulf me, does not necessarily indicate that I liked the book so much. I am an indiscriminant addict. But it just so happens that I loved the book. I started reading books of this ilk ::but more fictional, less historical.:: back in middle school and it seems that I still have a soft spot in my brain for them.

Anyway. Short. This was going to be short.

The Ariann pattern is Kick. Ass. I was kind of worried about getting the pattern established, as I'd heard there have been a few false starts, around blogland. I'm happy to say, and very much aware of the risk of jinxing myself, that so far, so good. In all my focus on the body pattern, I kind of missed an important detail that will make my front edges not look the same, but I don't want to talk about that right now.

The yarn is pretty and felt soft and silky in the skein, but I was disappointed to find it a bit crunchy in the knitting. And it separates like the thighs of a Boleyn, at the sight of the king.

I'm not sure what's up with the ribbing all pucky in the wrong direction, either (see view 1), but I hope it grows out of it.

We're heading home today. It seemed like a short trip this time, but there was some great knitting and reading and weather, in spite of the currently near freezing temps and drizzle.

Oh No You Didn't.

Do Swans let tooters?
::click for big.::

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