••• Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorialized Weekend 




::You gotta click for closeup, for full impact.::

Fuzzy Faith Leaping

::Click to check out the bitch on that mother's face. I think these babies will go far.::


::Shimmery water is my new photo obsession. You've been warned. You really got click on this one. Too. Sorry. Okay, not that sorry.::

Knitting and Fuzzy Faith Leaping of Sorts

::Please do not click. Begging. Thank you. It's small in the boobease, but not as small as I feared. I'll know more after a good blocking. Except I'm not sure if I should try blocking the boobs first, or the sweater. I stuck the landing on the last buttonhole, therefore I have been allowed to live to knit another day. But what day will it be??? Hmmmm.::

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