••• Friday, June 08, 2007

Yes, Butt 

Uranus is positioned for summer surprises.* -Subject line of today's email from my daily horoscope subscription.

Green Eyed Candy
Lame, I know.
So sue me, wrestler.

I've been living the bloggable life this week. Oddly enough,this so called bloggable living has left me little time to blog.

But I'll be back.

*When Uranus is positioned as such, for such, I think that it's best to keep the details on the downlow.

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Poop. Haloscan announces it is not available when I try to comment.

I would've hurt myself laughing at that horoscope. You aren't a Scorpio, are you?!

Funny that, about the bloggable life not leaving time to blog.
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