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What The Butt?

This photo recently adorned the cover of a family-oriented clothing catalogue. Not only is the image totally creep, I'm pretty sure I went to college with that kid.

Real Knitting. No,Really.
I figured, WTF. It's Wednesday.

I finished the back of Mondo and have cabled twice on the front. I'm straying from the trapeze styling of the pattern on account of my deciding that Trapeze + Boobeze = Frumpeze. I'm giving it a bit of shaping, which I'm making up as I go along. Shut up.

I Dulaan
Du yu?

You've probably, all 17 remaining readers, been wondering how I've been coming along on my pledge to knit five articles of clothing for the Dulaan project.

Well, all 17 remaining readers, I'll tell you. I've been coming along fine. After I finished the yellow sweater, I told my husband that I needed to get crunching on four more items, to meet the deadline. He then reminded me that I still had several hats in storage, which were intended for a local charity last winter, but were never delivered. Five hats, to be exact.

I just love it when a disorganization comes together.

And then I remembered this sweater:

I still like this sweater, but it's kind of impractical for the local climate. If it's mild enough to wear it as a jacket, it's too mild for the attached scarf. If it's cool enough for the scarf, then it's too cold...aw, you get it. I only wore it once, on a crisp fall day, and nearly suffocated.

So, that gives me 7.

I spent the day slogging through the usual post-vacation debris, both physical and mental, whilst keeping an eye on Cakers, who was catching up on the neighborhood pack. And yes, the previous statement was yet another lame attempt at making yet another lame excuse on another lame post.

A post of which I now find myself at the end.

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