••• Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fly By Summer 

I can't believe what I haven't done with my time.

There are so many things I wanted to do.
And I just don't know where it all goes.
The time.

Well, I do sort of know where it goes. Being a mom and wife and laundress extraordinaire isn't like falling off a keg.

But still, it seems that when it comes to summer hopes and dreams, my mind's eye is bigger than its stomach.

Someone Left the Cakers in the Rain
Last weekend, after a Cakers-induced, chain-reaction family meltdown of near nuclear proportions, we decided to make all our little worlds each a little smaller, with an impromptu weekend at the cottage.

My in-laws were already up there, which always makes the impromtu-weekend-grab a little easier. They, of course, were thrilled to have us. Melted Down Cakers notwithstanding.


The Mind's Eye Goes Dry. You Know, Like the Sahara.
In keeping with the Eyes Bigger Than Reality theme, I had high hopes of finishing Sahara while I was up there. So high were these hopes, that I packed another project to start up at Sahara's conclusion.

As so often happens with hopes on high, my Sahara hopes were left high and dry.

I blame it all on the short row, from here on known as The Rut-Row.

The Sahara pattern calls for a series of five Rut Rows in a row, front and back.

Now, I have successfully completed a Rut Row. Maybe even two. But not all at the same time. In reality, wrangling five wrapped Rut Rows, all in a row, was a little rich for my rudimentary repertoire of cognitive resources.

"Rut-Row," she said, "It looks like a sphincter, come unraveled."

An unraveled sphincter, unrivaled in its ribald wretchedness.

So I ripped the Rut Rows.

After the fluffy-sphincters were ripped, I tried it again, this time with instruction manual in hand. Round two of Rut-Rows turned out better. Good, even. That is, until I made one little mistake in one little stitch. A mistake which could not be undone and redone, on account of me not knowing exactly how to undo and redo an already picked up Rut Row wrap.


One teeny tiny stitch and a touch of inepitude, brought the whole damn thing down. Again.

Rut Row Round 3 was pretty much right, although now that it's off the needles, one side looks a little assish, but I'm not sweating it. 'Cause there's nothing much worse than sweaty ass on a summer sweater.

So I finished the bottom edge and cast off.

Here's a close-up on the edging:

I don't know what the deal is with that one row of stitches looking the other way, but I just noticed it in the picture. Bah.

After casting off, I tried her on and I think she's going to be a keeper. I may have to make a long-sleeved version for fall.

::Speaking of "I just noticed it in the picture", at the cottage I took some shots of Cakers doing cartwheels on the beach. In a dress. Commando. I had no idea she was traveling so light and breezy until I uploaded the pictures and came across the one shot of her sticking a solidly squat landing. Facing the camera. It was quite the giggle snorter.::

Next on the Fucket Up Docket: Capped sleeves. With Rut Row shaping.

I have more stuff on my mind but there seems to be little time for little minds these days. That may be a good thing.

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Haloscan is deeply troubled right now.

Whoa, the Cakers - so free and wild!

I like that edging.
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