••• Thursday, July 19, 2007

I Need Therapy Thursday 

And rain.

I'm just asking for one day.
One nice, long, chilly, rainy, summer afternoon.
With my girl.
All cozied on the couch.
And away from the fray,
Of children,
Who steal her away,
Every day.
And who,
So rudely,
Never return her
In the condition they found her.
So sweet.
And clean.
And obedient.
And much less beatable.*

On a Sort of Ironic Note**
Presenta Sahara:

Sofara, Sogooda.

So, good nighta.

*Of course I don't. It's just a poemy thangy. But she has being play rope on my last nerve. And it doesn't help that I have some kind of emotional funk shui going on right now.

**Sahara is going well, and we haven't had any rain, and Sahara is a desert, where it doesn't rain.***

***Sorry. Blame it on the rain. Hee.

P.S. Anybody else get hooked on the World Series of Pop Culture? Go Twisted Misters! I see an Alltel commercial in your future...

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